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Those are only the files I consider important. Some definitions:
A mass is one of those objects you see on the screen. The field is the array saving owner and height of all mass pixels, which correspond to screen pixels.

main.cmain loop and framerate control
mass.hthe central, big mass struct (struct _Mass_)
mass.cmost of the engine, always experimental
field.hstruct _FieldPoint_ and globals concerning the masses alive
engine.hparser for masses, particles, players, level specific settings
config.hconfig file and command line parsing
input.hkeyboard handling
video2d.cSDL 2D stuff, drawing the masses and the debug HUD
video3d.csame as video2d.c but for OpenGL
network.cgathering player inputs, networking or loopback, replay files
mass-server.pyMass game server
tests.cmake check, mostly tests for the wrapping helpers

by martinxyz

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