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Mass 0.4.0

Too much time has passed since the last release now. Here is a new one. Changes:
  • Mass description language (properties, transformations, gamesetup, etc.)
  • Experimental (but working) editing and savefile support
  • Too many details to mention here; read the LEVELS docu
  • Network code refactored, now serves maps
  • Optimizations.

Mass 0.3.1

Bugfix release without too much changes.

Mass 0.3.0

As this was a complete rewrite from scratch, there were lots of changes:
  • 3D OpenGL display (optional, thanks to Laurenz Gamper!)
  • No more sound support
  • Two players on the same keyboard is not possible any more
  • But there is Network support instead (optional)
  • Scrolling. The game area is not limited to the screen area any more
  • And of course, more masses!
Tested platforms are Linux, Windows (get the .zip) and Solaris. It might work on others.


Sourceforge cvs is no longer used. I host a subversion repository (nightly svn dumps), it should compile most of the time. The command is:
svn co svn://

Old releases

Old releases can be found at the old homepage, and very old releases (before 0.2, when it was c++) are again at the SourceForge download page.
Mirrors: sourceforge,